On Sunday a swarm of bees settled into a branch on the pine tree beside the Tom Thompson statue in front of town hall in Huntsville.  Concerned citizens flagged down an OPP officer that was driving by and he contact Craig Nakamoto.IMG_0414 - Version 2 Craig captured the swarm (at least 2/3 of the bees) in a plastic box:

IMG_0416 - Version 2

IMG_0418 - Version 2

Then he set up an actual bee hive box below the tree.
IMG_0421 - Version 2 Then he poured the bees in to the hive.IMG_0423 - Version 2

and waited for about 15 minutes and pretty much all of the remaining bees went in to the bee hive.
IMG_0429 - Version 2 IMG_0434 - Version 2

Once that was done he strapped up the hive, covered the entrance with screen and drove it out to his bee yard near Aspdin to start a new hive.IMG_0435 - Version 2IMG_0437 - Version 2

Dawn Huddlestone with Doppler wrote a great article about the swarm incident and you can read it here.

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