First Inspection

Finally had a nice day and was able to go up and do a partial inspection on the hive.

Lots of bees flying and bringing in pollen and nectar.

The bottom deep still has a few frames of honey, and they have already filled some of the other empty comb with nectar – no brood in here.

The middle deep had at least 3 or 4 frames of capped brood and other frames with eggs and larvae.  I also found some empty queen cups which I destroyed.  There are drones present – but not too many.

The upper medium also has at least 3 or 4 frames of capped brood, eggs, and larvae.

I reversed the boxes so that the bottom deep is now on top and they can fill it with honey.  The deep box that was in the middle is now on the bottom and the medium box is now in the middle.

This hive is so strong and since they are already making queen cups I think I will split this hive within a week.